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Nigel John Farmer aka - Nigel J.

Brief overview: - In recent years Nigel J. has created a number of philanthropic projects, including Music Tribes Unite designer streetwear, JazzTribe.Network. and he’s even run a successful Jazz Internet radio station. His business initiatives over the last 5 years include being the former editor-in-chief, cultivating and mentoring a team of senior writers for a popular jazz music magazine. Music industry professionals from around the globe seek him out to converse on his insights. His current focus is running a home-based podcast post-production studio and his voice-overs are being used on an international basis.
Both my spoken voice and audio/video production skills have developed and matured as part of my 44+ years of proven entrepreneurial business experience on four continents - UK, NZ, Aus, Asia and North America. Supported by a strong and continuous academic background. Individually, I have a proven track record of taking projects from inception to tangible and profitable market placement. I am adapting these vital skills sets into the world of podcasting and beyond! 
Find out more as you explore my podcast credits. Let's talk about how I can help you support your vision and project(s).
Kind regards - Nigel J.